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Review: Coiny Toiny
Author: Hill Gigas
Added: 16/07/2008

So here is a quirky little puzzle game called Coiny Toiny. It was made in just a few hours, and with that in consideration this is a very fun way to spend 20 minutes (or more)!

I forget the plot exactly. But basically, you're a black thing that collects blue things while avoiding other black things!

In art class once, I learned the expression "Less is more." Well, here it is in game form! Play control is VERY simple, as well as the level setup. But it's that simplicity that makes the game so fun. When you die, you start your next life immediately. Dodge stuff, get the coins, go to next level. Sweet simplicity!

Graphics are simple, very simple. But it doesn't take away from the game because the graphics fit what the game is. It wouldn't be good for the graphics to outshine the game, so this is a good fit.

There is a music track, just one I'm pretty sure, that plays for every level. It can get a bit screechy after you hear it 1,000 times (after dying 1,000 times like I did), but it doesn't take away from the gameplay.

I think I played this game longer than it took Codemonkey to make it. :P I would have played longer but a glitch ended my progress. On level 14 my character would spawn on top of a spike over and over. No way to escape. The end. :P Other than that, I kept playing and playing! The game gets CRAZY hard! But you get unlimited lives and you get to try again immediately after dying, which helped a lot! Good thinking! ;)

Overall, this is a fun little action puzzle game that presents a LOT of challenge in a very small package. It's well worth the download! :) Recommended for anyone with time on their hands!

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Posted by Codemonkey 16th July, 2008

Yay! Thanks Shroomlock!
Posted by Marko 16th July, 2008

I agree with this review - smashing game that has an excellent effort/return ratio. Play it!
Posted by Codemonkey 16th July, 2008

Smashing, I need to remember that word...
Posted by Fish20 20th July, 2008

I would use that word if I was writing a play. Maybe even a play called Coiny Toiny. Imagine it, people dressed up in black costumes jumping around collecting floating things! No, maybe its better as just a game.
Posted by Codemonkey 23rd July, 2008

It should be a book.


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