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Review: Circulate
Author: Codemonkey
Added: 09/06/2008

Circulate is a colorful, challenging game where you have to awkwardly manuver a rainbow ball to the end of a rainbow obstacle course. Yep, another one of those. (JOKE). The presentation could use some touching up, one BIG mistake was using windows buttons on the main menu. It didn't look horrible, with the gray background, but it would of been nice to make custom buttons. The credits were pretty spiffy though, looked nice.

Oh boy, where to start? The gameplay is very challenging, and most players will use up all 16 lives (Yeah 16!) on their first 5 trys. It is not a bad concept, but the movement was WAY too hard to control, and that was what probably made most people stop playing. Still, it was fun to play. I have not beaten the game as of yet, but I got to the red zone! The first turn took out like 10 of my lives. XD

The graphics are colorful, A bit toooo colorful for my taste. The author made them himself though, and the are not half bad really. the game looks pretty good, and there are no library graphics or ripped graphics, a major plus. :) The graphics are better then what I could do.

The music and sounds were okay, except on the acual game itself. The music was very obnxious and repetitive, and made me want to punch the screen a few times. The music was great on the other frames though, I must give you that. There were no many sound effects in the game, but the ones that were used fit well.

Circulate got a bit stale after the first few trys, and the only reason someone would keep playing is to beat that darn level. The challenge offers some replay value, but once you beat that, theres really nothing to do.

Overall, this is an okay game for the 20 event compo. I look forward to any more games that this author releases in the future!

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