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Review: Barren
Author: Hill Gigas
Added: 05/06/2008

Here is a rare point-and-click adventure that features a really spooky atmosphere and some genuine mystery in it's plot.

In Barren, you explore a small industrialized town that has been wiped out by a mysterious event, and it's your job to uncover the mystery.

Presentation is very nice. There is a well made menu at the start, four save slots, and an intro (which is skippable). Well done.

Gameplay conists of navigating via birds-eye camera over large portions of the city, them clicking to "zoom" down to that spot and investigate. It takes a little getting used to, but it shouldn't give you any problems.

Graphics are excellent and very spooky. The graphics work with the music hand-in-hand to provide some really errie moments. You truly feel like you are somewhere you shouldn't be. Later in the game things get more technoligical which wasn't as interesting as the earlier wasteland visuals, but it still works very well.

Music is top notch. The music fits the game perfectly and really burns itself into your mind. You might just wake up in the middle of the night after hearing that tune in your head and see a gravekeeper holding a shovel as your bedside.

Point-and-click games, by nature, consist of one-part playing, two-parts wondering what to do. But it helps to at least have a larger area to explore. In this game, when you don't know what to do, there really isn't anything else TO do. All you can do is stop playing. The sequence of events isn't logical enough to keep players moving forward. Most players are going to resort to just clicking with every item on everything on the screen. There just isn't really anything to do if (and when) you can't find the next thing to click on.

Overall this is worth a download just to experience the creepy visuals, moody music, eerie plot and overall unsettling feel to the game. The earlier parts of the game are the most interesting (before keycards and computer discs are introduced) but it's still a fun way to kill 15 minutes. Recommended for point-and-click fans with a lot of patience.

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Posted by Lachie Dazdarian 5th June, 2008

Thanks. This is much appreciated. I agree on almost all of your points.

I must admit that the atmosphere and the graphics of the game ended up being much more praised than I expected they would, but it's a nice feeling to get such feedback.

I do agree with anyone complimenting the music, because I think the two composers working on the game did a great job on it.

I only don't agree that the game loses momentum as you go further in it, and that it's worth only 15 minutes.

Thanks for the review.
Comment edited by Lachie Dazdarian on 6/5/2008
Posted by Hill Gigas 16th July, 2008

I was too harsh on this. It deserved an 8, easily.


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