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Review: Super Blob Frog
Author: Introversity
Added: 28/05/2008

The world's simplest and most user friendly interface, it's very reminiscent of Snake, actually. There's a well thought out menu screen with handy tips displayed, and the buttons clearly labelled. The levelling up screen and high score screen are simple and easy to understand.

The actual in-game screen was very uncluttered, I rarely looked up at the HUD except for when I would check to see what my new name was (interrupting gameplay slightly, would have been nice to have that in the level up screen as well).

I didn't use the jumping ability at all the first few times I played, although it can really help you boost your score, especially if you're jumping on all the blue ones. I just happen to think that your points are better spent on tongue and speed. Still, it can be useful to put one point into jumping, otherwise it's virtually useless. I had no problem with the speed at which your life ran down, it kept up a sense of impending doom that made it a lot of fun. It could even go a little faster in the later levels. The first couple of times I played, I was going to say that there were too many light green bugs, but then later on most of the fun came from dodging between them and sniping past a deadly green to lick up a nice juicy red one just in time. My only real pet hate was the fact that I would occasionally eat up a hive or poisonous bug or two simultaneously and die instantly, even on full health. I wouldn't change this, but it's still irritating (like running into a wall in Snake). On the other hand, the light green bugs aren't very damaging, so I tend to eat a couple if there's a mushroom or a lot of red bugs nearby. There were a couple of bugs (that is to say glitches, no pun intended). For instance, sometimes an enemy will change colour and type for no apparent reason. Also, I can run off the edge of the screen, and sometimes the enemy will as well, instead of bouncing off.

Screenshot 1

The graphics were absolutely fabulous, I could run around in that simple jungle world all day and not get bored. All of the bugs and the frog are kept simple in their design, and it's always a treat to see what kind of new creature will pop up next! The simple fog effect was also a very nice feature. Your frog will change size and colour depending on how you allocate points, which I think is a super idea.

Screenshot 2

The music was cute and for some reason oddly familiar. The sound of levelling up is a sound I do love to hear! I see no reason why there should be more sounds than strictly necessary in a game, and so I'm quite happy with the quality of noises in super blob frog.

Screenshot 3

I've got to say, this is exactly what Multimedia Fusion is about. Simple games that have just the right amount of complexity so that you don't ever have to stop and think about what to do next; yet enough choice to make another play through worthwhile. The RPG element could have been left out, and instead all 4 elements could have been increased each level. The game would be more streamlined, but the lastability would have been negatively effected. Having brief interruptions and being put down in a new area of the map after each level-up is a lot more fun; and the ability to have some measure of control over the skills that you choose to level up is wonderful, and should be implemented into more games as it strongly encourages people to replay the game in a new way.

Screenshot 4

I loved this game more than I can say. It's simple (fewer than 20 events, even), yet manages to be incredibly fun in the same way that Snake, Tetris and Pong are.

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