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Review: The Atomic Dustbin
Author: Hill Gigas
Added: 04/04/2008

So here is a quirky little game about an atomic dustbin on a mission to collect all of the pink dustbunnies in the world and... do... something with them! This is a case where the story itself is derived by looking at the characters, so not much more than that is provided.

Gameplay is workable. You can get from point A to point B. It uses default movements, so things feel a bit slippery at times and hit detection with floors is a bit loose, but I never died because of those things.

Graphics are very enjoyable. I really like the dustbin character, he is very endearing and likeable. I also enjoyed exploring the levels looking for dustbunnies. The dustbunnies themselves are drawn in a fun way. Very nice work.

I'm having trouble remembering the sounds for this game, which probably means that the sounds were just enough to not take away from the experience, but also not add a whole lot to it.

Lastability has potential, depending on what else you have to do for an evening. If you have some time to kill and no errands to run, you could easily play this several times. Play control is solid enough to keep levels from being frustrating, and there are lots of fun gimmicks in the levels like springs, blocks you can hit from underneath, and unique enemies.

Overall this is a simple but fun platformer that can help you waste 20 minutes. The characters are cute, the graphics are unique, and the levels are fun to explore. Recommended for anyone who's bored with 20 minutes on their hands!

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Posted by Impresario 14th April, 2008

Heh just noticed this. Thanks for the review.
The movement engine is actually based off the DavidN tutorial on the Clickteam site. Admittingly that's what I cut my teeth on with MMF2. I Have another small Platformer that's 3/4 that's done in the same style but with different mechanics and characters. Stay tuned!!!


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