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Author: Hill Gigas
Added: 14/11/2007

Uniwars Beta is a difficult game to give a fair review to. When you play it knowing that its just a beta, you have to envision what it WILL be and what it COULD be. However, for a review, you have to only review whats there, and there isn't a whole lot in this demo.

That said, I'll mention that this game has tremendous potential to become an awesome game, and later I'll recommend some things that I think could really add to the experience.

The game is presented well enough, but there is no story of any kind, no options and no tutorial. These things will be added later Im sure.

Right now, only survival mode is available. You have guns, shoot them and stay alive. Period. You control your guy with the arrow keys, and use the mouse to aim. Controls are very solid, and it was a lot of fun tearing through the place with some of those weapons. My personal favorite was the grenade gun, which shoots a little flare ahead of you, then, BOOM. Good stuff, brought a tear to my eye. Some weapons felt a bit unresponsive however, such as the shotgun. I'm assuming that there is a longer reloading period for the shotgun, but I'd recommend that the "active" and "unactive" phase of each weapon be more clear. As it is now, I was just clicking and clicking, not knowing when it would actually fire. This makes it feel like an unresponsive weapon.

Graphics are top notch. As you move around the screen, the trees have a good 3d movement to them that really adds to the depth of the game. The character sprites are gritty and dirty, which is perfect for this sort of game. Excellent work. My only recommendation for the graphics would be to tweak the bullet/collision/blood system so that the trees don't bleed when you shoot them. ;)

Sound is also excellent. The sound track rocks, and you hear every groan and bullet. Good stuff.

Lastability is very low on this version, only because the game is a beta. As I said before, there is only a single level survivor mode, which won't hold most peoples attention for too long. I sincerely hope that this game is not assembled later as a group of mini-games such as the survival mode here. This game NEEDS a story mode, such as a large town to explore with objectives. I think it would be doing this game a disservice to make it into a "Smash TV" type game. It's very well programmed and very well made. If a story mode and good narrative are added later, this would easily become a classic.

Download this game for what it WILL be, and not for what it is now. As it is now, it's short and very limited. But there is a huge amount of potential in the gameplay, and this is a good preview of things to come. The weapons are fun, the enemies are fun (to kill), and I see a lot of potential for great level exploration. Highly recommended for fans of the genre.

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