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Review: Puzlox Blox Revolution
Author: Hill Gigas
Added: 06/11/2007

So here is a fun little puzzle game called Puzlox Blox 2. I never played the first one, but this one is easy enough to play without having experience with the first. The idea is simple. Click on any block that has a block of the same color next to it. That's it. There isn't a time limit, and no real way to lose other than getting to a point where you can't proceed. Then you click a button to giveup and submit your high score.

Gameplay, as I said, is pretty straight forward. For what it is, it works just fine. Controls are responsive, and you pick up on the gameplay within seconds. It's one of those games that isn't very complicated, but instead draws you in with its simplicity and puts you into a trance. It's actually very enjoyable, and a very relaxing puzzle game.

Graphics are fun. The blocks change colors as you play, which helps to keep things interesting. The blocks have several appearances, some of which are very amusing. Without this feature, those blocks would get a bit dull after a while. This was handled very well.

Music is also a nice touch in this game. There are several audio tracks, and the game cycles through them as you play. It keeps things interesting, and there's a nice mixture of song types to listen to.

Lastability is ok, but a few improvements in the sequel could make this game much more addictive. As it is now, you'll play until you get stuck, and maybe try again, but probably not a third time. There isn't really a reward system to make you want to keep playing beyond that. I'd recommend incorporating a simply "story mode", and divide the game into levels, even if the levels are basically the same. Also, it might be good to have a more obvious combo system. Right now, I don't know if you get more points for larger clusters or not, so there's no incentive to try for combos at all. In theory, you could plan ahead to structure the blocks and get a big group together. But right now, there isn't an obvious reason to do so.

This is a fun little puzzle game that is well designed and relaxing to play. It has soothing graphics, a good soundtrack, and some fun gameplay. It's a game that has a lot of potential. With a leveled structure and a reward system for strategy, I think this game could easily score a 9 or 10. Recommended for easy going puzzlers.

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