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Review: Velocity Dodgeball 1.2
Author: Hill Gigas
Added: 28/10/2007

So here is a Dodgeball game, which is a VERY ambitious and challenging project to attempt. The author of this game should feel very accomplished for having made a good sports game. Any game involving AI, team members, and competitive play like this is one of the most challenging things a gamemaker can attempt, in my opinion.

Presentation is great. There is a great logo, good title, and a huge amount of options. There are single player modes, season modes, different teams, team stats. You can even pit the computer against itself. Well done.

Gameplay suffers a bit in this version mainly because of collision detection not always working properly. The first two times I played the game, I had to end the application because the game got "stuck", a different way each time. The first time, an enemy player caught the ball, but then just kept it... forever. :P The next time, a CPU player was overlapping the ball, but was unable to pick it up. I think the game needs to be beta tested a bit more to work through some of these problems.

Graphics were very good in this game. I liked the original artwork for the players, as well as all of the nice touches, such as reflections on the floor and ads on the back wall. A lot of time was spent making this game look nice, and it shows.

Sound is excellent for this game. The music is perfect and fits the action, and there are all kinds of great background sounds happening. You hear every thud and throw, and the audience cheers you on all the way.

Depending on your luck with avoiding the few lockups, such as CPU players deciding to stop playing, this game can keep you entertained for a long time. Thanks to season modes, you can play over and over again, develp your skills, play new teams, and try to tactics. If you are a dodgeball fan, you'll appreciate the time that went into it. (Although I always thought that when you caught a ball, the other player was "out". Ah well.)

Despite the need for a bit more testing, this is a great accomplishment. Making a sports game is very challenging, and not many people attempt it. This one has fun graphics, good audio, and neat quirky gameplay. It has lots of fun options to try, and the game itself has a lot of potential. Id like to see the engine tweaked and used for a sequel someday. Good work on a difficult task. Recommended for sports gamemakers and dodgeball fans.

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