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Review: Plasma Warrior
Author: Hill Gigas
Added: 22/10/2007

This is probably one of my favorite klik games to date. A lot of that probably just has to do with my personal taste in games, but this is just a fun game, period. It doesn't try to be flashy and doesn't try to break a whole lot of new ground, but I played it start to finish in one sitting and enjoyed every minute of it.

The game is presented well with fun simple cutscenes and a nice story to follow. It is just enough to draw you in and keep you there, and just the right depth to match the graphics and gameplay.

The controls in this game are very responsive and easy to master. The jumping may seem odd at first since he jumps with constant speed, then drops at an equally sharp speed, but you quickly master it and it never hinders gameplay. Weapons are easy to use and fun to upgrade.

The graphics for this game are very retro style. Forget Atari. Think of the bright contrast of old arcade games, like the pallette of the original Donkey Kong. Colors are intense, with lots of neon reds and blues, and it makes the game really stand out.

Sounds and music are perfect for this game. The sounds fit the graphics seamlessly, and you never feel that the sound out-does the graphic that goes with it. The sounds work hand-in-hand with the retro style of the game, which is just that it should do.

Lastability is very strong because, as I said, I played it from start to finish. It doesn't get a perfect score because the game felt like it needed just one more big dungeon at the end. I played through it in a few hours, and it would have been nice to have just one more hour in one more area before the experience was over.

This game is more than worth the download, and sits on the shelf of klik classics in my mind. It's fun to explore, easy to play, and certainly has it's challengeing moments (just wait until you get to the final boss). Highly recommended for any platformer fan.

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