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Review: SLIME the Slimery
Author: Hill Gigas
Added: 18/10/2007

Well this is an interesting little game. Slime the Slimery is all about a snail, a snail who is hungry for a bowl of green... gooey... something. And along the way, he wants to snack on little Pac-Man style pellets (just for added points for those of you who want to get on that high-score board)! The game is presented well, and even has a little cutscene at the beginning.

Gameplay is solid enough for most gamers. The controls are pretty simple- the snail can't do much more than climb walls and "jump" off them and coast downwards. In any kind of puzzle game, solid controls are essential. If the controls are weak, then a puzzle game is just frustrating. Well, your little snail responds quickly and accuratley, so if he dies, rest assured that it's your fault, not his.

Graphics are cute, but not overly complicated. The graphics are colorful and the main character is fun and quirky (for a snail). Perhaps a few extra background elements could have added some more depth to the levels, but they are fitting just as they are.

I enjoyed the soundtrack and effects in this game. The music is fun and not distracting, and has a nice beat to keep you going. Sound effects are unique, with unexpected sounds used for certain things. I think it adds some extra fun to the experience.

Lastability was high for me on this game. The author made some good choices to keep players interested. When you lose a life, the "death" is quick, then you get thrown back into the level right away. When your lives are up, however, it's game over for you. For a sequel, I would even recommend a game mode for players not competing for a high score, where the snail get unlimited lives and players can keep trying levels over and over again.

I found this to be a very fun little game and very well made. I enjoyed playing it. Controls are solid, the graphics are fun and levels can require some planning, especially if you are out to get all of the pellets! There are even options for 2X and 4X gamespeeds, very nice touch. Great game!

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