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Review: Chalk
Author: C.J Workshop.
Added: 03/06/2007

Everything fits in so well with the concept. It looks so professional that i was suprised it had been made with a click product. It realy does show off the power clickteam products have when used by the right people.

Simply amazing. If you enjoy playing Wii games or DS games you wont be disapointed with this. Each enemy has a unique way of being destroyed. I would realy think the ideas of some of the boss's came from Nintendo. The movement of the character is so smooth and easy to navigate around the levels, it just adds to the whole experience. Although it can be tough at times you wont be distracted from carrying on. you just want to get a bit further to encounter another boss. The whole game is action packed, i cant remember one level where i wasnt franticaly waving my mouse around hoping to get a decent score.

They fit in perfectly. Its the same style throughout the game but never seems to become dull. Each level has a totaly different atmosphere to it.

Sound and Music
This also fits in perfectly. It realy does get you involved with the game more. It made me forget i was playing a click game at some points. The explosions remind me alot of a game called Dynamite Heady for the mega drive.

It took me about 30 minutes to complete and i enjoyed every minute of it. I would even go back to try and get high scores, which i hardley never do on a click game. I realy hope a sequel has been thought about, as i would look forward to it just as much as a commercial game.

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Posted by Ricky 7th October, 2007

Chalk is a really good game


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