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Review: Fisu - Eat or get eaten
Author: Paul_James
Added: 11/04/2007

Fisu Eat or Play a Great Game!!!

The title screen and the help screen are graphically beautiful. The help screen is positive and gives the beginning user a fighting fishy chance to survival.

This is where the game really hits home, its gameplay. It's simplistic yet highly addicting. Basically you are a fish that must eat smaller fish inorder to grow bigger. As you get bigger other fish get bigger, and the vicious cycle for surivival of the fittest. I can tell you that it is an easy game to get into but very difficult to master. My only qualm is the unfair randomness. If you are near no fish you may take damage, and the actual eating is wierd because one click makes your fish chomped 3-5 times. As you grow really big, the larger fish will sometimes just appear right ontop of you, and unless your near Alige (the only health restorer) - your probably dead meat. . .er fish. . .

The graphics takes control of MMF2 new function of resizing, and allow me to say, Im not crazy about it. Ofcourse any resize will make the graphics look more pixelated than just bigger versions of itself. Also the main character is very different than the others, as in he has black outlines, while all the others do not. The background is a simple gradiant

Sound and Music---10/10
The sounds fit well (i do believe they are library - dont mind) and the music is wonderful and charming.

Still Playing it lol

Total 8.4

Sound and Music:

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