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Review: Abstractica˛
Author: lembi2001
Added: 12/10/2006

I have chosen to do my FIRST EVER review on Abstarctica 2.

I downloaded Abstractica 2 before downloading its predecessor and found myself utterly enthralled in its pure mind bending charm!!

Right from the word go you are presented with a clean cut and professionally made product. Th opening intro does exactly what it is supposed to do and actually INTRODUCES the game and it's creators. I have seen many a game that fail at this point alone.

The main menu of the game provides you with the option of starting a new game, loading a saved game, reading the instructions for the game or viewing the credits. Before i begin reviewing the game i want to comment on the Loading feature. This is something that the first Abstractica was seriously lacking. in order to complete the first game you needed to have a marathon gaming seesion as wong will probably testify. Thumbs up to MJK and Hempuli for including this feature. Now onto the gameplay.

When you begin each puzzle, the puzzle number is presented to you by way of zooming in and is announced by the sound of a gong. this can be both a good idea and annoying at the same time. I like the zooming text feature as it keeps you interested, however the gong is a little loud and almost makes you want to turn the sound off.

Onto the sound. Throughout the game from the main menu and onwards there is a catchy tune playing in the background with a woman providing the voice over "take a deep breath, relax". This all adds to the games charm and keeps you interested. MJK and Hempuli have also utilised sound as part of the puzzles.

The graphics for some of the puzzles leave a lot to be desired but what can you expect from a game that has over 200 puzzles?

This leads me directly to gameplay and lastability. The only bug in this game is that the fast pace puzzle solving is slowed down through the inability to press the enter key. Hopefully this will be rectified in any future releases. The lastability of the games is helped by the plethora of puzzles but is also hampered a little by the limited number (3) of skips. In my opinipon skips should be earnt in a similar manner to the way tips are earnt.

In summary this game is a great option for puzzle lovers everywhere and i will keep plodding along until i finish the damn thing or help me god......

Good work you two

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