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Review: Bazooka Master
Author: Mruqe
Added: 12/06/2006

Bazooka Master is a great example of vitalized game. Basic idea, 5-minute gameplay, clear graphics and - of course - an online scoreboard.

Presentation: 8/10
The presentation is clear and simple. All the buttons are lardge and easily readable. I like the title font. Messages are displayed in nice snd tidy little windows during the game. It all looks quite elegant. The online scoreboard looks kind of dull, though...

Gameplay: 8/10
It reminds me of an ancient game called "Gorillas" bundled with QBasic. But I think even there the wind factor was present. This ain't Worms, not even Scorched Earth, but the get-the-highest-score-you-can-in-just-20-shots idea is just fun enough to make Bazooka Master worth playing. In fact - I found the game quite addictive (mostly due to the presence of the online scoreboard ). And the random generation of every shot's conditions (distance from the target, vertical position of the shooter, height and position of the wall) works just swell and improves the gameplay.

Graphics: 7/10
I've seen better But it works for me. The little bazooka dude is very simplistic. So is the wall. I like the way the background was incorporated into the game. But isn't this explosion taken from the TGF's library?

Sound and Music: 6/10
It's there. And it didn't bother me. Nothing more to it.

Lastability: 8/10
As far as basic ideas can be lastable - this one is. It's so strange that one can find shooting the same target for the 100th time so fun... And the online scoreboard adds the subtle spice of competition into the whole thing. This makes Bazooka Master a great coffe-break game that you'll come back to anytime you want.

Overall: 8/10
Bazooka Master is a solid, vitalized game that will keep you amused for some time. And that - I think - was the only ambition of the author. And in my opinion - it was a succesfull attempt to make a decent minigame.


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