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Review: Within a Deep Forest
Author: X-Member22556
Added: 07/05/2006

Presentation: 10/10
This game probably has the best Presentation I have ever seen just from the screen shots I thought I have to try this game out so Nick this is great presentaion keep it up!

Gameplay: 10/10
This games gameplay was realy good theres no flaw to it but.. (I'm not sure if this should go here but)the map was hard to get to were you needed and or wanted to go but other wise this games gamplay was rockin' it was actually a hard game the a fun one at that! Loved the gravity!

Graphics: 10/10
Almost any game can make cool graphics but some can't pull off the style with the type of game, this game pulled the syle in to the type of gamne and the graphics were great I could tell that he actually spent time on wanting to make them good.

Sound and Music: 10/10
All the sounds fit every thing perfectly it's like he thoguht out really hard on what song and sounds to use, he was smart enough to make the backround music a sound not a music so it didn't skip when repeating and the song looped perfectly great job on sound choise!

Lastibility: 9/10
This game was pretty lastible untill it got TOO HARD TO GET THE NEW POWERS TO CONTINUE THEN I GOT RELLY PISSED AND CLOSED THE WINDOW... but that was after a while so it was lastable but not repeatable good job!

Over All : 10/10
Well really 9.8 because of the lastibility but great game and I will alwayus round up but now i'm just typin' because i have 75 more characters to go now 45 and soon enoughzero but now 15 and good bye folks make sure to give this game a thumbs up and have a Merrry time playing and posting about it!

Sound and Music:

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