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Review: Ainevoltas
Author: Mruqe
Added: 23/03/2006

Ainevoltas is one of those amazing games that can keep you hooked for long (and I mean LONG!) hours. Although the game looks simple and uncomplicated it turns out to be very challenging and complex.

The interface and presentation in this game is estetic and simple. All the load game screens and menus are self explanatory. The dialogs are presented in neat semi-transparent windows. Ainevoltas could however use some custom font for the title screen. The regular font used to present the title looks kind of plain... And the title? I think it wouldn't hurt if it was something less alien-sounding

Gameplay 10/10
Ainevoltas uses custom platform engine which is - I'm happy to report - almost completly bug free. I managed to trigger one trampoline related bug (whichpushed me into a wall and lifted continuusly), fall through a platform once and encountered some unkillable zombies. But those problems didn't hurt the gameplay at all and - as said - were very rare. Ainevoltas plays just like Castelvania series game. It even includes beating the shit out of zombies and deamons with a whip Design of the levels is fine. Lots of secrets. Experience and stat building is extreamly well-tought and well-implemented. Gaining stats is just the thing that keeps you envolved in the game - as your character gains the ability to get places he couldn't go before. Once you beat the game (which isn't that hard given the savegame system), you can start all over again on a higher difficulty level. And believe me - you will have a plenty of stuff to do the second, the third and, heck, the tenth time around. Plus you get to play a minigame once you complete the main game on a given difficulty level. Ainevoltas has everything to addict you

Graphics 9/10
Graphics are all done by the author and look very well. I've seen better animations, but graphics in Ainevoltas just suit the game. All those little people look very stylish. And the dead bodies? Man - great job on those! The backgrounds are fine and used in a way that prewents monotony. Also - great job on the stats screen. Looks VERY nice. Some people might find the screen size to small to see anything. Fortunatly version 1.1 includes an option to increase the screen size by pressing F6 (F5 makes it small again). So - the bottom line on graphics is: simplistic but well-suited and proffesional looking. Personally - I love it.

Sound and music 7/10
Sound's there. So is music. Again - all sounds and MIDI tracks are well-suited. Not very originall or impressive, but fine.

Lastability 9/10
Ainevoltas uses a lot of tricks to keep you hooked. I mentioned most of them in the gameplay section. All of them work just fine. When I finished the game for the first time I felt like I haven't learned half of the castle secrets. I just had to go back and keep playing, building stats, finding secrets. Minigames are cool, but even the main game would be enough. I got addicted! Just as fun as GBA Castelvania games, really!

Overall 10/10
A standard story, standard graphics, standard gameplay. Ok. high-standard that would be. And still this game has something unique to it. Something that draws me to it like a magnet. I found it just as enjoyable as the best of the best klik productions. Thumbs way up!

Way to go, Alspal

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Posted by alastair john jack 24th November, 2007

Thanks so much for this review!


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