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Review: Treasure Tower (Demo)
Author: Mruqe
Added: 03/03/2006

I downloaded this game and gave it an honest try. I'ts not really a game for me - I have weak heart and all that stress of time running low could give ma a heart attack (Well, actually I completed the demo tower on the second approach with a sroce of ~1700points).

But seriously - the game Is very promissing. The gameplay is fun and potencially addictive. The idea to randomize the sequence of rooms makes it even more interesting. The graphic's are OK, NES style - small, simple and very clear. It could use some better pixel art characters and more interesting titleset - as long as it would stay as clear as the originall. And I like the clock, even though I hate it

Beating the demo tower was quite easy (I mean, a platformer-loser like myself completed it on second try) but all the different modes featured in preview and 200 rooms will probably make the game very challenging. The mentioned play-modes will make the fun las much longer. Good idea! I give the game a high lastability rating, because I imagine it WILL be replayable. Even the demo is - to smoe point.

There are no sound effect I've noticed - apart from that beating heart when time runs low. The music is nothing very impressive, but I think it fits quite well into the gameplay.

I also like to mention I didn't notice any glitches or bugs while playing. I't nice to know that the author treats his work seriously.

Bottom line is: A good, possibly challenging and addictive platformer with a whole bunch of originall, well-thought twists. Could use a nicer title set. And yes, it plays similliar to WarioWare. It won't be a BIG hit. But i think it will find many fans. I won't be one I'm afraid. I don't like games that feature running against the clock.

On my part - thumb's up. 8/10 overally.

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