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Review: The New SatanSam
Author: Dogzer
Added: 19/02/2006

Dogzer's Review on Satan Sam Game:

You have to play this game. If you are collecting all the good daily click games, put this with the others because it's worth the disk space.

It's not perfect, so when you play it don't espect to be floored with it's awesomeness, but if you play it expecting it to be like most games you see here, you are in for a surprise!

Since i have to fill 1500 characters, meaning i can't just make a short interesting review, i'm going to take this oportunity to point out how this game is rich in special moves and superpower achieved by combination of keys. It doesnt just move left and right, it accelerates reaching energy powered sprints in wich when you jump you spin (kind of like Sonic the hedgehog).

Also, the story is not somthing is not the typical klik story made by a kid the first 5 minutes of game production. It's very interactive and interesting. And this game doesnt have a fake game company logo at the begining, like many bad games have. As usual, good games' authors put their own names rather than pretending to be part of a large game company.

I recommend this game.

This game gets my seal of aproval:

Personaly I like the gameplay, but objetively it is a little big dificult, wich can be a bad thing. This game might take you some time to finish. Also, this is not the case, but kliker kids think the player who download a game is going to want to install the game on the hard drive for ever, as if it was a profesional game made by experienced game designers, in reality people tend to copy the game to the desktop, run it, and rarely he might leave it there for a couple of days. This game though, is collectable.

Sound and Music:

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