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Review: Arunderan
Author: Keatontech!
Added: 05/11/2005

Arunderan is a great game and is worth the giant download. I think I see why this took 3 years to make and takes up a stunning 75mb. Arunderan has absolutely amazing semi-3D graphics, possibly the best I have ever seen in a MMF/TGF game. The music sounds original, but I can't be sure. There are good sound effects. It is presented very well. The gameplay is very good, although it doesn't have very good fighting. This may be the longest lasting game I have ever played, due to it's many HUGE levels. Overall, I give Arunderan a 10.
Arunderan's graphics are almost certainly original, and are really amazing. They really look 3D, with shadows and everything. Tiles obviously put a real lot of work into the graphics. They seem to pop out of the screen. Huge levels of amazing graphics, it doesn't get much better than that.
The sound in Arunderan really adds to the experience of the whole thing. Almost everything you do has a sound effect. The music really fits into the game. All of the sound adds a depth to the game that cannot be reached with the speakers muted.
Arunderan is presented very well. The first thing you see is the beautiful main menu, then the amazing (and pretty funny) intro, that is a great way of hooking new players. After that the UI is easy to use and the entire game looks great.
The gameplay is the only thing that wasn't perfect. While the controls where great when just walking, they sometimes didn't work very well in battle. Other than that, Arunderan has very good gameplay, offering users a unique time.
And, of course, Arunderan lasts a very long time due to it's HUGE world to play in and it's many secrets. Unlike many other games, users really get to explore a new world. Arunderan is not very repetitive because of the good AI and the fact that users can do whatever they want.
I would have given Arunderan a higher rating than 10 if there were one. It's worth the download, and I think it was worth 3 years of work on Tiles part. Thanks for a great game Tiles.

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