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Review: Doom : Regression (episode 1)
Author: Knudde (Shab)
Added: 05/11/2005

Well, the victim for today's review is Doom: Regression, which is obviously a Doom fan game. The difference is this; that this game takes place from a top down perspective.

Now it should be mentioned that the graphics are not Rouge's, but rather fair use sprites put out by Anthony Lopez of War! 2099 fame.

Anyway, I found this game to be fairly entertaining, (I'm a sucker for top down shooters) though at the same time lacking.

The core gameplay isn't bad, it's just too simple, and certain things don't look right. I personally really, really, really wanted a strafe button. It would have helped me so much, a definate suggestion for next time. No, rather a necessity. Moving away from the non-strafting nightmare, the Enemy AI was actually pretty bright (relatively speaking of course). They tried to shoot through walls sometimes, but usually I was close enough to where they were aiming that it made it look like they were trying to contain me with weapons fire, although each enemy type ran the same exact pattern, which does get old after a while, maybe a bit of randomness in there next time.

One thing that really did frustrate me were the weapons and the weapon system. Every time I shot my pistol, I felt like I might as well be throwing rocks at the enemies. Hell, throwing rocks might have been faster, because this pistol takes so long between shots I might have been able to write a novella. Pistol problems aside, the shotgun/chaingun/plasma gun disappointed me. This was mostly due to them firing in a straight line. The Shotgun was robbed of alot of it's usefulness when the creator decided to just make it a powerful, straight shooting gun. It's now just a more powerful bullet. The Chaingun just didn't look right firing a perfectly straight chain of bullets, and I think the plasma shot should have expanded a bit. Now, with the wepons problems aside, lets move into the weapons system.

In this game, you can carry 2 weapons; your pistol, and whatever gun you pick up. While this system works alright, I would have rather been able to pick up 2 weapons at once, rather than one and the pistol (Cause that pistol is teh suxxor).

The only other problem I have with this game is that your character just moves too damned slow. plodding across a level at that speed just isn't fun, especially when you've killed everything and you're just key hunting.

Don't get me wrong, this is a fun game, and it actually did shock me a few times (whoa, where the hell did YOU come from?) but the flaws of the gameplay nearly destroy the experience. Should these problems be improved, I'd love to play Doom: Regression Ep. 2.
PS. Your resolution is too big for this game, drop it down a level.
And zero's for grx and music, but you can guess why. (They're straight rips from Doom, I can understand using standard game sounds in your games, but using Doom sounds in a Doom game is a bit TOO easy)

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