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Review: Galaxy Lander
Author: Chris Donovan
Added: 04/09/2005

Presentation: The menu looks nice, but I expect cursor controls and menu highlights as well as some sounds showing when I'm about to select something. The corner map, complete with trails, is a nice touch.

Gameplay: It's a good next step for lander type games, but the gravity and speed rotation is way off. Angles aren't calculated as you'd expect them to be, and sometimes, despite tons of thrust, you still can't stop falling straight down (you can't even slow it down).

Graphics: The Worms-like landscape is appropriate. The ship is okay. I love the thruster effect and explosions. It looks simple, but if you look close, it isn't.

Sound: It needs a slightly louder thrust effect and a sound effect for releasing the bomb.

Music: Good, but repetitive. Then again, all music sound tracks become repetitive after a while, don't they? Nice tune.

Lastability: I played for 5 levels on my first try. There are ten in all? I suppose that I would keep playing until I finished it, but the gravity control needs to be worked out.

I gave this a thumbs up because I'd like to see the movement corrected so that I can finish the game. It's worth a little more attention from the creator.

I know what a pain gravity can be in a game. I've spent three weeks trying to make a game where suns pull the ship towards them. It works, but it's a little bit jumpy. End result: The ship can go towards a sun, then run by it, and finally, get pulled back if it doesn't have enough escape momentum.

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