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Review: My dead little Yoshi fangame
Author: Hill Gigas
Added: 22/05/2005

Well, you see a lot of mario games on the Daily Click, but not many Yoshi fangames. This is a very well made engine that could have blossomed into a very nice game.

Presentation doesnt rate that high, no doubt because the game wasnt finished. Usually title screens and such are perfected towards the end of the creation process.

Gameplay scores excellent. If you like yoshi games, you will enjoy how faithful the creator stayed with play controls. You can eat enemies, and tread air after jumping just like classic yoshi. Other familiar gameplay elements also make an appearance such as traveling through pipes etc. The only reason it doesnt score perfect is because the jumping feels a bit quick and clunky at times.

Graphics score perfect. They arent ripped, but copied pixel for pixel. Regardless, they all fit together and make the game feel legit. The enemies fit in as well, but dont do much. You will see a lot of "shy guys" sitting around doing a whole lot of nothing.

Sound... well... I heard nothing. I guess sound wasnt added yet when this game was abandoned.

Lastability is decent if you have some patience. The game quickly turns into a platformer, which starts getting a little frustrating. There is only one test area, so lastability.. well.. doesnt last long.

Overall, the game is what it is. It was the start of a yoshi fangame that just never turned into the real thing. If you like yoshi, and you like yoshi games, then is cant hurt. Especially if you are thinking about making one yourself, check this one out!

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