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Author: Nuklear41
Added: 06/05/2005

Well, I just finished playing this game. I played it for about 13 seconds. No sounds, mispelling, and alot of junk. It is just one of those average games that is not bad but needs improving. None of this . Here is why.

Presentation: I thought that the presentation was nothing. No title screen and nothing else that led into the game. That is alright I guess but I would not suggest that. But who cares what I think. On with the next thing.
Presentation: 0/10

Gameplay: The game play is weak. Just plain weak. I played for a few seconds and just hated it. It needs something else. I dont know what but it just does. And also make the controlls easy, what the hell do you hit to start the plane over.
Gameplay: 3/10

Graphics: THis is your stong point. The graphics were not half bad. The carrier was the shit and not in a good way. but other than that, not that bad.
Graphics: 7/10

Sound and music: there was none, absolutly none. I hate that. Sounds are not that hard to put in mmf. Just do that next time.
Sound and music: 0/10

Lastabuility: This is also a weak point in the game. I played it for 10 seconds and got bored so i went and wrote this. It would be more fun with the actuall "multiplayer" but that is just not an option.
Lastabuility: 4

So in the end this is a good game and has grat potential but is horrid for now.

Sound and Music:

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