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Review: McDonald's Maker
Author: Nuklear41
Added: 01/05/2005

I will probably get murdered in a dark back alley for saying this but this game is actually...........good......and...........entertaining........I found it to be exciting to find out the next reward for getting alot of money. I relly did like this game.......I ......would be really excited to see another game like this. I loved this

Presentation. There was alot of library graphics. But the title screen was cool. I really like it. I would have done something different but I liked it.

Gameplay: THis was allright. It was fun untill you got up to the limit of money. But before then it was one sick game!!!!!

Graphics: I did like the graphcis but they were mostly library. That is about it on this subject.

There was no sound and music in this game. NOt bad but not a good thing either.

And finnaly the lasabuility. This was a lasting game. It does get old when you end up smoking all the and getting the max amount of money. But untill then I was grabbing my crotch and sitting at the edge of my seat. (Was not really grabbing his crotch)

So in the over all I would give this game a (calculating)(calculating)(calculating) 7.5/10 That rounds to an 8.

One thing I would like to tell you to do. Make a mcdonald's maker two. PUt more obsticals to over come and other things. I would like that so much. I will even test it for you. Thanks alot.


(was not really (calculating)(calculating)(calculating)(calculating)(calculating)(calculating))

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