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Review: Unknown Game 4779
Author: Nuklear41
Added: 30/04/2005

I know that this is old........very old but I just think that this deserves a reveiw. Not too many reveiws have been going on lately so I think I will start them back up. This game kills my peoing and billybobjoe198's fondo by a long shot. So lets celebrate I like this game because of its level editor and its great choice of.......well everything. It is a great mix of good programming and cool ideas for the one and only amnesiasoft. This shows that I dont hate everything that you make but just most of the stuff. On with the reveiw.

Presentation.::. You know that it is good because of the title that is the actuall game but in an Ai form. It is unique because of the cool background.
Thus giving this game a great 9/10

The game play is not that good though. It is just like everyother game that is a break out out there. There is only one exception thought, it has a really cool resizing delly that works great.
Game play 7/10

Graphics.::. There look preety cool and look just as good in game play. There is just no reason that game should not have great graphics like this game does.
Graphics 8/10

No sound or music in this little bitch!!!!! That is aokay thouth. 0/10 but it will not count against you.

Lastabuility.::.This game is going to last because of its level creator. I love that part of this game. It is super cool. yep.

So in the end this game is getting a ................calculation.....

A nine out of ten. Great job amnesiasoft!!!!!!

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