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Review: Five Magical Amulets
Author: Fanotherpg
Added: 22/03/2005

This is my first review so please understand me and my opinion about this game So let's start:


Game presents very well. Nice logo of team and game, nice music in background.. This is first Tomus game on DC, so I download it and here is first (and only) problem, size ... 142 MB is very huge size for freware game (on DC and on net) but I download it and can say one: Game is AWESOME !!


I Played this game one time but few hours and I can that I liked it. There are many helps in game and sugestive and nice graphic help with playing and you have to on click in this game so it's nice I was in shock that I played it few hours because always (until now) this kind of game was deleted after 5 minutes on my HD...


Like I said graphic is very sugestive but also beautiful and . I was shocked when I see intro which presents my what I have to do ... and in all game graphic have this same style and it's in 2D..

Sounds & Music:

Music from menu trought game is very beautiful and have something.. You must here it !


I just say that this game is awesome and I don't have words to describe it ...


I put 10 here like in other parts. If you ask why I'll say because this game change me.. It isn't parody, main hero is women and many, many other things which you have to see for your own.. So for the end I say that if you like adventures download it and even if you don't like them also dowbload When you play it you will understand me...

Sound and Music:

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