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Review: Circy 3: Luck, Suck, and Two Pixel Borders
Author: ChrisB
Added: 05/02/2005

Yet another morally deficient game passes through the doors of this stinking, decrepit community site, this time from long-time purveyors of hatred Texmo and Podunkian. Naturally, the general membership lap it up, but they are blind to their sins; thus the onus is on me to objectively review this game and reveal the truth to those willing to listen.

The title artwork shows an appalling caricature of Circy, naked as the day God made him. Considering that this is available to all ages, it was a horrendous oversight on the part of this site's editors to accept this game without so much as a WARNING. Indeed, the main character's pixellated member appears throughout the game. Clearly the creators have no respect for Circy in this respect.

Despite my offence I played through this game regardless. It is of medium difficulty with good variation in each level, although the notion of 'elves' should be met with disdain. Attacking of enemies is present without horrific consequence, thankfully. Most of the gameplay text is filled with hate for Circy, implying that he 'sucks' and is a being with low intellectual ability. Such messages are wrong; the creators must learn to 'love thy neighbour as thyself' (Matthew 5:43). Despite these problems, actual gameplay is of high standard.

However, it is only when reaching the fourth level that the levels of taste and decency hit rock bottom, as the character must fight swastikas and a gun-toting Hitler shouting 'Guten Tag', which loosely translated means 'God a tard (retard?)'. What kind of morals are being presented to our generation? Not enough with mocking the atrocious tragedies of World War II, Texmo uses the name of God in vain, thinly veiled in a foreign language. Such behaviour is truly disgusting and I recommend you stop playing the game at level 4 to avoid such sinful messages.

The music is unknown to me as it is neither heavenly or Christian rock, but it is not the devil's music. Thus, it is acceptable.

My final verdict is that THIS GAME SHOULD NOT BE PLAYED except by responsible adults. Nudity, offence to God, hatred towards a specific person and minor violence is present in this game and exposure to children and teenagers is to be avoided. Once you play this game, you will become disgusted and remove it from your computer immediately to cleanse it of evil.

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Posted by supaguygames 25th March, 2012



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