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Review: Battle Blade
Author: Zombie New Human
Added: 28/01/2005

Between this game, and a few other previews and recent submissions, I feel like this is a good time to be a part of the Click community. The hardcore gamers are beginning to show themselves, and homebrewn games are actually getting to a point where they are not only visually acceptable, but actually fun to play.

Battle Blade is a game created to mimic the fast paced action and bullet clusters of yesteryear, more specifically those of the mid to late ninties shoot em up. The engine is solid, the difficulty level ranges from simple to insane, and the graphics are mostly pleasing and appropriate. Though the developer cited influences such as Progear and Radiant Silvergun, I was moreso reminded of playing a sidescrolling version of Battle Garegga. Being a big shmup fan myself, I could tell that whoever created this game actually plays shooters; by the third or fourth level the difficulty level skyrockets and enemies start tossing bullet sprays that only a seasoned player could've designed. Props for that one.

As far as gameplay goes, the ships are responsive though there isn't a huge difference between the two of them. Scoring is pretty simple but cool, and I found myself rushing to collect the masses of bonus point stars after I blew up bosses (similar to those in Battle Garegga or Don Pachi.) Speaking of bosses, though they're not mind blowing, they're pretty well designed; and they're (for the most part) multi jointed for those who like to take their enemies apart piece by piece (like me!) There's not much window dressing in this one, which places more emphasis on the fast action and high scores, which works very well in this case.

Music and sound, unfortunately, I can't give a score for; my soundcard isn't taking orders from MMF for the moment

Graphics are a bit of a mixed bag, but for the most part, they're early Super NES quality, which in my opinion places them well above average. The ships look like ships, the tanks look like tanks, and the bullets flash and glow just like I'd expect them to. Backgrounds could be a little more vibrant, but there's some nice scrolling and pseudo 3-dimentionality, so I'm not going to nitpick.

I'm looking forward to playing, and making Click games again, and it looks like others share the same enthusiasm. This is a fun, solid game that doesn't demand that you invest time in it, but you'll end up wanting to anyhow. Good stuff.

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