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Review: Night Of Eternity
Author: Hill Gigas
Added: 11/01/2005

I was blown away.

I was very unprepared for this game. I usually download a game, play for a minute, download, play for a minute, dowload.. etc etc. But I played this one to the end. When you play for a minute, you are are told "just one more minute, go do this..." and you do it.. then the game says "well.. one more minute.. just go do this first.." and you do it gladly. I was very shocked when it ended so quickly, especially after the fantastic glitch I found (more on that later).

Graphically, this game is outstanding. Everything is original and colorful. Text boxes are masterfully done and a joy to watch (being the simple minded creature that I am). Sounds are also well done, especially hearing that it is all original.

Gameplay isn't a custom engine (this is the pot calling the kettle black here).. but even if it's just a default platform engine, who cares? It serves its purpose, thats all that matters.

Story line takes front seat. Period. That is a very difficult thing to do, but it is done perfectly here. The story may be a little generic, but this just proves that if you retell an old story in a new interesting way, its new all over again.

It seems that this game will be revised later. Let me give my suggestions for later updates to this game. I encountered a frog, I slashed him, he froze and turned red. I then continued to pound this frog for 10 minutes. He never died, he never moved, but I racked up levels and levels worth of experience points. Also, if you shuffle through some conversations too fast, the text box will go blank with nothing else to do but restart the game.

This is a fantastic klik rpg, and I highly recommend a download. Excellent job! I look forward to a longer version and more games like this in the future!

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