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Review: Xtreme Hacky Sack (canned)
Author: Satansboss
Added: 13/12/2004

This is a preety awsome game, but simple at the same time, well it would have to be considering its only 300kb's. Even tho these only one level, with one character, it is a good game. The grapics are good but basic, but it is a basic game, so.... yea.

The game is pretty chellenging but fun, and its adictive. For instansts I wasnt going to download this game at first because it didnt sound or look that good, but like they say dont judge a book by its cover. I ended up downloading it and it was ok, but annoying cause i couldnt kick the ball up that long. But I didnt stop playing it, I started to get pretty good and omg it got adictive, i couldnt stop playing it i just keep goin and goin and goin unitl finally my computer froze. By then I decided to take a break but i couldnt stop thinkin bout it so after a break of 4mins I ran back to the comp, and set every thing up and started playin it again. When I stoped playin it about 4 hours after that, I was so tired I had to go to bed... SO YEA THATS WHAT I MEAN BY ADICITVE!...(by now u must be thinking im a total freak or something, but im not lieing!)

In this game you have 10 diffrent moves, and they are: num 1 - Left kick, num 2 - left heal, num 3 - right kick, num 4 - left knee, num 5 - head, num 6 - right knee, num 7 - left far kick, num 8 - right heel, num 9 - right far kick, 0 + direction - sliding. Yes yes the controls are pretty shitty, but that doesnt stop you form having fun with em.

Overall I gave this game a 8 of 10, cause I liked it but thats my opinion, so wether you hav played the game of havent yet. I still recomend it.

Summing up...
Basic game basic graphic, but Xtreme fun if u play it for long enough. HAVFUN!


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