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Review: Gta-C
Author: Max
Added: 14/02/2002

For those of you who want to download that game, you'll need to go into the member's page and download it from the game page. Now to the review.


The menu screen is ok, but after that it takes a turn for the worse. The pedestrians look pretty much miserable and the buildings are poorly detailled. Plus each city looks about the same, except for the building layout and stuff. Where's the variety in that?


Ughh...this is supposed to be a GTA clone, but it's far to reach that point... the only gameplay elements here is to go to point A, then Point B, then Point C, and so on while mowing down pedestrians on your way. Where's the police? Where's the trigger-happy gang members trying to stop you from destroying their HQ? Where is every other thing making GTA devilishly fun? The only skill involved within this game is to drive your car around the cities without bumping into much stuff. Otherwise, there's basically no way to lose to that game. Plus, you don't even get rewards for killing the pedestrians. Very poor showing.


Luckly, the game isn't pretty long. I was close to boredom when I finally got to the ending screen though. Don't ever play that game again when you're done! Or...just don't touch it.


This game is just plain bad. All game elements making GTA a fun game are not present within GTA-C. Unless you're crazy about GTA-type games and want them all, don't download it. In fact, if you love GTA, you'll hate more this game than anyone else.


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