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Review: Submarine Shoot
Author: JPMarkey (Jambo)
Added: 28/10/2004

This is my first review so i hope it's not too bad

First of all it was created in four hours, but it desperately needs a re furnish. His description isn't very long at all and doesn't tell you much about the game.

When you first run the game, you're landed at a title screen that isn't presented very well. It could of been rushed, but shouldn't of been! The background is just a plain pink or creamy colour, with some red text for the title. The only remotely interesting part at this point is that a submarine goes by.

On to the levels, the levels are presented pretty well, the score text moves up and down, and the health bar is original.

The gameplay is fun at the start, but soon gets repetitive. You are always moving towards the right, en-counting eels, fish, squid. You have to destroy the creatures you encounter and dodge them if you can't kill them in time, there are spikes from the top. If you hit any of these you'll go flying down back to the bottom of the screen.

It's all basically jabbing at shift and pressing up and down as quick as you can, while trying to destroy creatures and dodging one's that are too close!

The graphics are probably the best part of the game. (Except on the title screen. ) I like all the graphics except the submarine, if that was done better i wouldn't have much to complain about the graphics! The animations look almost perfect and the squid, especially, is very superb. Even the bubbles look good, even though they are of ut most simplicity.

Sound and Music
There are only two pieces of music in this game, although it has 10 levels, and i believe they are not original. (Sorry if i am wrong.)

There's not much else to say about the music, but it is quite calming. Defiantly fits in with the ocean feel of the game.

This all depends on the person, for me it didn't last long. In all about 3-5minutes before i got bored. So bored i decided to write a review But it would've lasted longer if;
A) The title screen was re done
B) No title screen, but on line with high scores.

It was still quite a good effort for a game, one that i haven't seen done too much.

This was quite a good game, it had very good graphics and wasn't coded badly, it could do with a make over on the title page (as I've mentioned before) and needs a little something extra to it... Like a bonus level if you collect something, it just needs a little twist to it.

Some people may enjoy this more than i have, but i would recommend a download to see if it's your cup of tea!

PS. I hope you liked my first review

Sound and Music:

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