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Review: Mathematicus Online
Author: Silveraura
Added: 27/10/2004

Presentation, I will say at first, I was very flaky about this game when X_Sheep asked me over & over & over to beta test it, because I may be good at math, but I dont like it that much, so instently thinking because its a math game, its boring, but when he finally got me to test it, I will honistly say.
This game takes math games to the next level!
Taking the already thought of idea "place blocks where blocks need to go, via numbers &/or letters" with a new twist.
Presentation gets a nice solid 10.

Gameplay, I will say, the game play isnt nothing special in this game, click the blocks from the left, place them in the middle, right click to dispatch them, & use 1 of 2 extra's at the bottom to give you a hand. Nothing extremly special, but just what this game needs. Nothing getting in your way.
Gameplay gets a 10

Graphics, at first glance the graphics here look like they were library graphics, which is why I wasnt nessarly impressed at first, but when he said they were completely original & that his bro designed them, I still wasnt jaw dropping at them, but I thought differently of them.
Graphics gets an 8

Sound & Music, now rather then rating the game on the bad sound & music it had before it was released, the sound & music isnt annoying, but did come from the MMF disk 2.
Sound & Music gets a 9

Lastability, give it a show, it might snag you, it might not. Its a puzzle game, all puzzle game's effect people's thoughts on Lastability differently, so it would be hard to rate this game fairly, so I will rate it on my own experence.
Lastability gets a strong & lively 10!

Overall, this game 'rox' imo. One of the most original games to hit The Daily Click for quite a bit of time now! I highly recommend you try this, expecially if you are a math wize.

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