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Review: Unknown Game 4766
Author: Nuklear41
Added: 24/09/2004

Ohhhhh this is a great game. The lovely one event olimpics has stolen my heart.

PRESENTATION: Ehhh it's ok, needs some improvement. And the title screen, there is not one so I like title screens. They show basically the best part of the game.

GAMEPLAY: The gameplay is actually not bad. It is only one event but, it is still very good. The racing is kindof lazy. It need better AI too but otherwise this game is great. Just make a 2005 edition, don't wait for 2008.

GRAPHICS: WOW, I still have not gotten over the fact that your a gigantic walking.....thumb? Thats what it looks like. But what do I know. They are not too bad. The people need work but the job you did on the audience was spectaular. They look great.

Sound and music: The sound of the cheering and the anouncing is good and accurate. By the sound of it it seems like you have been to a real olimpics. Have you?

Lastabuility: you know what the lastabuility is not too long. It is one event and it is not the best event that there could be. Next time add high or long jump or something else besides running. God. Sick of running.

OVERALL: This is actually a good game. After you get over the fact your a gigantic thum, there is only one event, and it is the crappiest event that it could possibly be. Then this game is deffinaitly worth keeping in my game folder. Download it and try it out for yourself. You will not be suprised with brilliance nor shocked with the crappiness or punchit. Thanks for reading my report and ill see ya later.

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