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Review: Paint Ball
Author: Nuklear41
Added: 21/09/2004

Wow, I love this game so much. It is like the best paintball game placed on the DC! The graphics are grade A and the gameplay rocks.

PRESENTATION: The presentation is actually ok. The language is kindof readable but is in some bizzar language that i can't quite decide what it is. There is a classical start screen with the two things to hit. START AND QUIT. I love it
presentation gets a 7/10

GAMEPLAY: The gameplay is actually quite good. I have a professionally built paintball game that doesn't even think about adding up to this great game. With the classical top veiw gives it a nice spin on other games similar to this but is still unique. One thing i think should be needed. There needs to be some sort of straffing involved in this game. Then it would be the best.
GAMEPLAY gets a 10/10

GRAPHICS: These are not the best graphics that i have seen but they are nice looking. No pure filled colors and no black outlines. good work.
GRAPHICS gets a 9/10

SOUND AND MUSIC: Nice, thats all i got to say about it. Nice.

LASTABUILITY: This game has to be the longest lasting game i have played. other than triumph war. It has addicting game play that will knock your paintball mask off then get shot.

OVERALL: like i said earlier this game is no it is a and games lke are praised and kept on the computer. So in the end witht his greate games wit and abuility to make me smile this game will ger an overall of a NINE OUT OF TEN. the best rateing i have given anything.

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