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Review: Commando
Author: Nuklear41
Added: 19/09/2004

i love it that was the first thing i said about this game. it is absolutuy great. no wonder it is on the top ten down loads of every thing. now at first i saw this and thought ahi its crap crappy crapcrapcrapcrapcrapcrap crap crap but i soon dicover this great game with the best stiry line and ai i have ever seen. i was shocked and amazed at this game. and i may have even wet my pants.

Presentation: dont really know what this means so here goes, it has a great starting screen and the gameplay ais a good presentation and the awaited ness for this game was very hard to bear for most ppl. Its has come through for most ppl and it did come through for me so download this game and you wont be dissapointed. the ai is to die for. the men actually kill the enemys and the enemys actually fight back not like they hit you and you die like jumpind and such. The plot is wsome too. with it nucular war heads and other pish posh like that it makes great for thoes terrorist games. The level designe is grade a+ it is like the jungle city nucular gacility and tother things taht they like yo put in terrorist games.

the over all has come through for me and it may for you. so download this game and have a party of laughs when you kil the terrorists and its awsome. i have to give this a thumbs up all the way ten out of ten baby. whoever made this please make a sequal to this one of a kind game see ya later!!!!!!!!!
and have a ha[[y new yeat to all yayaya

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