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Review: Unknown Game 4789
Author: Nuklear41
Added: 19/09/2004

ha ha ha i love this game. it combines classic bug technic with moder day..... avoiding of big robot things. you are some lonsome cochroach and you need to collet the small acorn fruit things that will give you roach points for the big exterminators back home. I have yet to find out the point of this game but in this article you will find out what i thought of this one of a kind game and if you should download it or not. i would have to recomend that you do download this game because it is one of a kind like i said. it combines masterfull bug tehnic and a smart little robot thing to stop you, one hell of a bastard free loader cochroach that need his daily 35 points of acorn.

PRESENTATION: you know the presentation of this game was not to bad. it has the nice start screen and the cool little logo and the awsome other thing but still it need basic design and other twenty first centry things such as....... ok off ropic there.

GAME PLAY: the game play can only be desctibed in one word.....lame. Like i said if there is lame of the week then most of my games would be in there and this game would accopanie them.

GRAPHICS: THese graphics are actually good as a matter of fact they are ggreat!@@@@@ with two g's.
i can belive that ppl can do that by hand. my graphics suck.

the over all of this game is actually smashing as the brithis would say. it is cool and uniqye and scary so i sugest you try out this game and then youll know why i worte this stupid reveiw so solong ppl

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