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Review: Fondo
Author: X-Member19050
Added: 13/09/2004

okok this game looks like crap to me who ever made it is a dumb ass!

the tital screen sux!!!
I just amde that for temporary!
u sux
And the "endless feilds" level sux u can tell those arent one object the top of the feild and the road.
yes they are i made them seperated then connected them!!!
well thats dumb stupid creator!

Game play:
ya its ok but who would relly want to play a game with such little action that you suicide over it godd.....
Well srry its no action go try a more actionay game like war 2029!
ok i will... wow this is ausome!but...its on klicteam

ya these look like he spent time... only on the 1st level and when u lose there is this crappy loser text that the blodd only gets doun part of the hilll whats wrong with u???
welll do u want to fix it???
ya i will cause i am u!

Sound and music:
The sounds are crazy and crappy! even though my speekers dont work any more the sounds suck!!!
ya i no i made 2 of em myself im so proud.

lastabillity :
its just a freakin demno who wants to play a demo around here???huh who does?
no won thats who so it lasted about 3 days for me i dought it lasted that long for any one else

\Over all\
i give it a well deserved 6( hey u wanna figur out the real one u get a calc and do it im too lazy i estamit)

since i have 136 words left i will fill the rest with smileys

Sound and Music:

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