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Review: Unknown Game 4747
Author: Nuklear41
Added: 11/09/2004

OH wow right when i downloaded this game i thought ahh crap another platform but when i opend it up if ound out it was just another know what this game is and shall forever be good but it is just getting old like bat and ball.

PRESENTATION: This games presentation is a fairly good presentation. It has good thing built up on it and it live up to one of thoes old crappy games.
so i give this and....6/10

GAMEPLAY: By the way i started this i hope you know whats coming. this is just getting old. back then i bet these games where all the fad when it was in a bar next to spaceinvaders and pong but now were in the twenty first century and this kind of stuff wont fly. There is the classic bounce on the enemy and jump over the pit its just not worth playing. i stopped after 5 min into the game.
so i give this a 4/10

GRAPHICS: These graphics are way better than the old mario games and many other games in the dc but they still arnt the best. These kind of games dont go well with cartoony graphics.
so i give this a 8/10


LASTABUILITY: Like i said i played this game for 5 min and gave up but it may last longer for u than it did for me. but i just cant get into this game like other ppl can do.

OVERALL: finaly int he over all fo this game it just doesnt add up it sux. get a better kind of game to make. event though he just made it in "ONE NIGHT" it still sux. i he mad it for 1 month it would still suck. i hope your happy with this crappy creation of your so go do something better but not this.

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