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Review: A Game With Balls
Author: Teapot
Added: 16/08/2004


1. Things used to play various sports, such as table tennis.

3. The daringness to do something different.

That was a passage straight out of the "Teapot Dittionary". Sure this game has number 1 and thankfully is missing number 2, but where's number three? I want to play something new! This game has colour-changing... who cares? So did the last game I reviewed.

Okay, so this isn't all bad. The graphics are bright and the presentation is slick. Infact I think the presentation is
brilliant. The whole thing is an arcade cabnet. "Insert Coins to Start", so I clicked on the coinslot. Things went decidedly downhill from here. The game begins very slowly, and I believe many would lose patience and end two seconds in, but I intended to review this, so I soldiered on.

This game, like "Colours next"(check out my review- shameless plug) revolves around colour changing. You control a... thing at the bottom of the screen and must change your clour in order to stop balls falling off the bottom of the screen. Yawn. It has been done alot better, and I just find the whole thing rather boring.

I really don't know what to say about this game. It is just like an old game and watch game only not as cool. I'm not just knocking this down for its lack of originality, it's just so boring. Im just sitting at my desk watching these balls fall slowly toward the bottom of the screen.

This review is short because there really wasn't anything else to say. Overall, nice graphics and presentation, but terminally boring gameplay.

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