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Review: Stack Online
Author: Teapot
Added: 15/08/2004

Ahhh the old scrapheap magnet. It is, in my opinion, one of the most undervalued members of modern society. Right there next to Ashman. It is plain to see that this game was created for the sole purpose of making the average Joe aware of these kings of the scrapheap, and that should really be commended.

This game is a puzzle game, in the vein of many others that have gone before it (columns, bust-a-move, and some game starting with T of which the name escapes me at this current point in time), it has blocks (or cars, whatever you call them they serve the same purpose) that must be stacked in chains of four in order to disappear.

This may all sound like pretty bog-standard stuff, but it is implemented rather cleverly. You control the magnet at the top of the screen with the mouse, and it must pick up the cars from the heap, and place them elsewhere on the heap. All the while the heap move upwards (ala that "T" game), If you drop a car too much it gets all smashed up and mangled, which sometimes creates a few bugs..

The graphics are nice, mostly ripped, except the magnet, but that's ok because the game has a nice look to it. the sound is ok. The sound effects are all cool. As for the music I have a funny feeling it's a savage garden midi but it may not be.

Furthermore there is an online hi-score table, which is cool. This review is also very short. Ah well. This is a great puzzle game that unfortunately isn't as good as Pac Rocket which can be played at .

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