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Review: Grim's Challenge 3rd edition
Author: Retired Kliker Lazarus
Added: 09/07/2004

Grim's Challenge 3rd Edition
Reviewed by Lazarus on July 9th, 2004
Random thought: Eat kittens, their soft and chewy.

Grim's Challenge 3rd Edition is like a modern-day version of Craig Jorden's IN THE PIT, only, instead of a ball, you play a pig named Chester. On to Reviewin'!

Presentation: The game opens with a newer Neonair Logo. The title screen looks pretty cool. I like the exploding-particle effect. It also features a basic keyboard controlled menu. There are some pretty funny cut-scenes, and it also features little screens in the credits, showing the horribly painful piggy-games. 9/10

Gameplay: Unlike the original Grim's Challenge games, this version features a custom platform engine. When you progress in the game, your character changes, and the engine changes slightly. The only problem I had with the engine was when I was playing the little rabbit character. He moved a bit to slow, and sometimes I slid off platforms. This game play's a lot like ITP: you start in a level-select area. You must complete four puzzels per world. Once you complete all the puzzels you can access the boss level. When your the pig, you can stomp bosses/baddies, when your the rabbit you can punch them, and when your the tank thing you can shoot things. There are also secrets, mini games, and passwords to find. HINT: Remember how you accessed the secrets in Grims Challenge 2nd Edition. 10/10

Graphics: Here's a big improvement over the previous versions: all the graphics are made by the creator. All of the graphics are pretty good, some of them are simple, though. I really like the explody-particle effects. 8/10

Sound and Music: I've heard most of the music before. Only a hand full of songs are original. But regardless, all of the music fits into the game perfectly. 7/10

Lastibilty/Overall: All though I was able to beat the game in half an hour, there are plenty of secrets, modes, and extras to keep you occupied. Overall, GRIM'S CHALLENGE 3RD EDITION is a fun platformer that you should download. EAT KITTENS.

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