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Review: Monsters of Mythology
Author: Stian B.
Added: 01/06/2004

Wohooo,a monstergame,I love monstergames.Just write monster in the title,makes me drooling...

In the game description the author tells its a fun little game you play when you bored.And even learn something.
Well,not quite true.

The presentation is very simple.
You enter straight to the "Main menu".Wich doesnt look impressive or...bad.Just plain simpel.You ress "ENTER" and get an option to select a story.
As far as I know,there is only one story.
But how to select the story?
I pushed every single button on my keyboard,even clicked with my mouse,nothing happened?
At last,dont know how it happened ,I entered the game. Yes!

Gameplay is also very simple.I guess the built in 8 direction movement is used?But thats fine enough.It works.But the first level,the labyrinth,is too boring and easy.
And dont make it as the entire main character get stuck in the walls when you collide with them Make at least some invisible feet always following Hercules which fixing the colliding problems.And he walks too slow.
Some more action is needed in the first level!

And,first boss,no,no,no....its too simple!
Where is the fun factor you told about?
He moves to fast,and get killed too fast...I almost did not start to kill him,before he just died.
Last boss....? No,no,no...I did not get a single hit,before I made him burn in hell.
Voila,i finished the game...what game?

Graphics,well,not good,very,very simple,not much colors uesd.If the gamepley were good,the graphics had suited it well.

Sound and music.Not much sound effects,need more soundeffects.Bosses and Hercules need at least some screams?Music,not much to say about.Ok.

Lastability.For me,a few minutes,then i completed it.Wont try it again.Sorry.

Overall,not much of a game.Not fun,and nothing to learn.
As I told above,more action,more challenging bosses,more sound effects.
Even its a short "time waster",I wont waste my time on it...anymore.

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