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Review: PliX Version 1.0
Author: David Newton (DavidN)
Added: 25/05/2004

There are trends and formulae for making good puzzle games. The first one of these is to have a very simple idea but add in some restriction to make it addictive. The idea of this one is similar to the Shanghai version of Mah Jong - you have to match pairs of tiles, but can only remove them if they are "free", meaning that they are not blocked off from above or to the right.

The second trend is to have a catchy title that has at least one of the letters "Z", "Q" or "X" in it. This goes for the third approach, with "Plix" being the chosen name, which works even though it sounds slightly like someone being offensive with a Chinese accent.

Anyway, the main game consists of carrying out the aforementioned task to the tune of MIDIs from various places, including some classical ones and what seems to be the staple of TDC, Sonic musics. Well, they are great (with the exception of the Sonic R musics, one of which features here. My game music recognition powers are unstoppable!). In fact, a lot of this game is customisable, you can select music and the background, and even the size of the window, according to your preferences. That shows consideration towards the player, which is always nice.

Some colours of tiles are very similar which caused problems for me due to my colourblindness, but I don't think this will be a problem for many people. The designs of the tiles are usually sufficiently different.

I tried it many times while writing this review, and I still didn't manage to complete it once - but that didn't cause me to give up, instead I found that it made me even more determined to beat this thing. I haven't yet, but I will report back when I have. And making people do that is ultimately the sign of a good puzzle game.

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