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Review: Russian Roulette
Author: David Newton (DavidN)
Added: 24/05/2004

Now here's something interesting, a game based on the classic Russian sport played by people with more spare bullets than sense. It does come in a rather bulky installer, which as everyone knows we don't like, but once that minor inconvenience is out the way...

The title screen allows you to simply play or to look at a rather redundant credits list (the game was apparently made by SoidSnake, we get the point!) which seems to exit you from the program after playing it.

The game is played by four Poser models in a small room with really bad wallpaper. The 3D models do look good, but they're utterly soulless, and it doesn't help that the four of them look exactly the same. The gun on the table has been imported from somewhere else and doesn't conform to any rules of perspective or scale at all, it's just been plonked down on top of the table graphic.

Each player takes it in turn to pick up the gun and decide whether to shoot or not. I'm convinced that you must be playing against clones, because each of them goes through exactly the same thought process before pulling the trigger or chickening out, told to you in broken English in a speech bubble. There's no way I found to skip this, and it just makes the game incredibly slow-paced.

The entire gameplay consists of you selecting Surrender or Shoot every once in a while. This affects your score a little, but it doesn't really matter. If you die, the game relentlessly ploughs on anyway.

It's warned that this game contains "blood and killing" - it does, but it's only a trickle, rather than the brain-exploding gore fest that I would usually associate with someone shooting themself in the head. And the mannequin-like characters simply disappear after being eliminated from the game.

The way that this game just grinds along really kills it, I think, and there's not a lot of excitement to be had from computer-generated Russian Roulette anyway. It's something that hasn't been done very often before, though, and for now I'm not feeling inclined to shoot myself in the head, as many of you will be sorry to hear.

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