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Author: Retired Kliker Lazarus
Added: 11/05/2004

by Lazarus
Alright, I don't give a lot of bad comments. I've been meaning to review this series for awhile to explain why it is a bad game and how it could have been improved. RUDE_HEAD came to the Daily Click recently, but he has been around for awhile, according to his site. Since he has come to the DC he has submitted tons of games, landing him from "Newbie" to "Normal Member" in the course of a few hours. But on to the review itself.

Presentation: :
GOOD STUFF: I can't say much here, sorry.
BAD STUFF: There isn't a menu, and while your on the title screen, the monkey repeatedly says "GOING BANNANAS." The person's voice sounds like a 10 year old, (even though they say there 17 ). The title screen is the same through out all five games, complete with ripped graphics.
HOW IT CAN BE IMPROVED: Add a menu with an arrow system. Also, the title screen should be changed.

Gameplay: GOOD STUFF: I'm eating nachos right now. BAD STUFF: This was confusing! You went from flying ships to fighting stuff. The flying levels were unfair. Your ship went extreamly slow, so you were an easy target. I didn't know that I was supposed to get to the other side of the level; I thought I had to kill everything. My mistake. In the fighting levels, my character went so slow that it was nearly impossible to play. It also used a :lay scary music:: default platform engine!
HOW IT CAN BE IMPROVED: Here's what you should do, rude_head: add a custum engine for the Platform levels, (there are plenty of example files you can look at ). Also, you should add scrolling to your levels (KNP scrolling is bad, upgrade to The Games Factory or MMF! ). Set the shooting time to at least 2 seconds !

GOOD STUFF: A few hand-made graphics.
BAD STUFF: Tons and tons of ripped graphics!
HOW TO IMPROVE: Make completely hand-drawn graphics, please! And shade them well!

Sound and Music: Not much to say here. It consists of ripped graphics and music.

Lastabilty/Overall: I don't think it will last long at all, mainly because the player can get so sick of dying and starting over, that they will delete it quickly. Some people probebly like it, I just didn't. Work on these things, Rude_Head! Don't put blind hate towards me, I gave reasons why I don't like it!

Sound and Music:

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