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Review: Barry the Bean
Author: Retired Kliker Lazarus
Added: 08/05/2004

Snerlin of Neonair has come out with some very cool games, such as "Sweet Legends," "Wizard Wars" and "Novuxa Harvest," but my faviourte of them all would have to be "Barry the Bean." Barry the Bean is a fun little game staring a Bean who must get revenge on a colony of Ants that destroyed the Great Bean Kingdom. According to Snerlin, this is he and Batel's first "long term project." Anyway, on to reviewing!
Presentation: Barry the Bean opens with a cool Neonair logo featuring the Grim Reaper (Neonair) cutting down the logo. The title screen shows Barry surfing on...a bagpipe! The title screen also inculdes a nice little menu. I like the "Bonus Beans" system. You must collect a number of beans in the game which will unlock a secret in the Bonus Beans menu (World 5=12 beans, exc).
Gameplay: Barry the Bean plays like most platformers: get to point A to point B without dying. Along the way, fight baddies, collect ice beans, and go into the Pumpkin Mini-Games (this will allow you to collect 'bonus beans.' The main problem I have with the game is the engine can sometimes be buggy. The jumping has improved from V1.0, but it still could be fixed a bit. Also, the parellex scrolling makes the game go slow.

Graphics: I think the graphics are pretty well done, only most of the character's walking animations (espically Barry's) could have been a bit better. I really like the graphics used for the Grave Yard Level and the Bagpipe level !

Sound and Music: For some odd reason, Snerlin and Batel used Telitubies music for the theme ! "You sick freak"- Circy
I also heard the 'Halloween' theme song, the 'Beatlejucie' theme, and various other well known songs.

Lastability/Overall : I think Barry the Bean is a fun yet challenging game with pelenty of extras to unlock. I could play this for awhile! I suggest any platform fan to go and download Barry the Bean!

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