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Review: Tinmen Brown Lite
Author: istvan
Added: 15/03/2004

Right from the begining you can tell that your in for a graphically impressive game here. You will also notice the unorthadox size and shape of the window. Whilst at first I found these confines quite limiting, especially considering the size of the main character,'Tinman', I soon realised that this helped in defining the original gamplay that Tinman Brownlite quite obviously has.

Ive never been a fan of the default window settings and the MMF borders, but I can honestly say the presentation is wonderful. The main menu is cleverly designed, with an impressive use of well drawn graphics and paralex scrolling. It appears much like you would expect a GBA game to appear. The un-nerving squeals and beeps combine with the intensity of the tune to create a powerful musical theme. Adding to the atmosphere in general.

Gameplay, like earlier mentioned, is particarly interesting as it is pretty cut throat, whilst ultimately a simple platform engine, one slip of the player and you will blow into a million pieces. While this may be seen as too difficult, the ability to retry the levels over and over solves this issue, and allows the game to have a pretty heavy replay value. You can collect lives (which will be tallied at the end) but theres always a risk that you will die in the process. Unlike some games, the collectable lives will reload if you happen to die, enticing the player to have another grab for it.

Being such a small feild of play we are still stuck with the problem of having levels that are too easy or too perfectionist. As there are only 10 levels in this LITE edition, the problem doesnt arise very often.

Graphics are superb, with a perfect blend of paralex scrolling mixed in for good measure. The graphics trully look like the have come straight out of a GBA game, which is not an easy task for a graphics designer, weldone!

The only thing that lets down this LITE version is the fact that there arent enough levels. However it is fun to play a game that you can actually finish in one sitting, and still enjoy it.

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