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Review: Imogen
Author: Ly
Added: 06/01/2004

Imogen is a game where you must escape the cavern made up of sixteen levels. Each level has a cartoon-like puzzle which you must solve to get to a spell fragment. Using the spell fragment will take you to the next level and once you have all sixteen you will complete the game.

To be able to complete a level, you have the ability to change into different characters. By default you are a Wizard who can use the items you find in the level. You can also change in to a monkey which is essentail for climbing up ropes to get to higher platforms. Sometimes there are large gaps to jump or boulders and tables you have to jump on or over, and to do this you need to turn in to the cat. There is a fourth character you can turn in to on one level, but I won't spoil that surprise if you have not got there yet.

Imogen is a unique game in that you can't die. The puzzles do not punish you if you do something wrong, the most you generally see when you get something wrong is being pushed off a platform, but you can just get up there again and try something different. What you must watch however is your magic level. Each time you change to a different character you use some magic. When that is all gone you can't change anymore so you can not complete the game. I did not find this a problem when just dipping into the game and playing a few levels, but to complete the game you have to be very careful not to waste your magic.

The game is presented superbly. It looks great, plays great and is fun to 'dip in and play' when you feel like it. However I found that I was drawn in and wanting to do just the next level, and the next, and the next...

The controls are wierd at first, you have two sets to contend with - one for moving the characters and one for selecting things on the menu for when you want to change characters or use an object. The keys can be redefined thankfully on the options screen.

You also have to get used to the way some characters behave. The cat for instance kept on falling back off a platform edge when I jumped over a large gap, so you have to keep the direction key pressed to walk on and avoid falling back. The monkey for instance can not turn around on ropes, which later on adds to the puzzle element of the game when you find yourself having to work out how to navigate a bunch of ropes to get up to your prize. But this is all in learning the game and that's part of the fun.

Imogen drew me in, and I kept playing it until I completed it. Some levels are pretty easy, others a little hard but I managed to complete the game. But I still like to come back and play a level or two every now and then even though I have seen everything in the game now.

Overall this game is pretty good. It's a fun game to dip into and one that I'd recommend as a 'keeper'.

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