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Review: Shikun
Author: Klikmaster
Added: 24/12/2003

Wow, this game looks graphically stunning I thought as I looked at a screenshot. A chicken catching game... well I downloaded it, and you are presented with a lovely beautifully well designed menu screen.

You get the choice of 13 different charcters with different statistics, such as stamina, speed, anger, they all help when playing the game, the idea is you catch chickens in a net one by one and bring them back to the pen with the help of bait and power-ups, although this sounds rather tedious, it is quite fun... at the start, seeing as after you complete the first set of levels, there is a cold area, with blizzards, meaning you get blown across the screen, this is where speed and stamina are useful, the area after that is dark and you can only see a litle area where you are standing.
The powerups soon become annoying, as most are power-downs rather than power ups, and you will get really fed up with catching chickens.

The graphics are really pretty, the chickens look just like the ones from zelda...hmm... A lot of effort has gone into making these.

The sound and music are wonderful, the mod music really matches the game, and a great variety is used. The sounds are usd a lot, and are really helpful when you can't see something happening, like on the dark woods level.

This game has so many features, such as loads of characters, levels, difficulty levels, mini-games, secret games, etc. But in my opinion, chasing chickens can only go so far, that is why I had to quit soon after playing.

Overall, the game is a great idea, and is presented well, but cannot improve any further than catching a few chickens.

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